Safestyle Head of IT, Martin Abraham contacted Advancery after a sudden network slowdown resulted in major problems accessing and using the CRM software.

“We experienced a huge slowdown to the point that our CRM system was unusable,” said Martin. “We needed a solution fast, and so we asked Advancery to have a look at our servers remotely and see if they could recommend and carry out an emergency fix.”

Advancery had already supplied hardware and software to Safestyle in the past, so they were the first people to be contacted when the IT team needed an extra pair of hands to help solve the crisis which was having an immediate harmful impact on their business.

Alex Mordey of Advancery said: “This was a reactive project to fix an immediate issue that had the potential to disrupt Safestyle’s business. It was the perfect opportunity for our team to demonstrate our technical prowess to Safestyle.”

After logging on to the servers remotely, Advancery identified the root cause within an hour and had solved the problem within 24 hours. In addition, as part of the fix, Advancery also solved a non-critical issue related to systems back-up which had been troubling the IT department for some time.


Hypervisor performance issues


Safestyle UK PLC

What We Did

Consultancy, IOPS analys, Solution proposal

Advancery demonstrated their technical ability and professional approach when they answered our call for help at short notice, and we were impressed with the way they do business. They are a friendly team to work with, and so far their advice and solutions have been spot on.