From day one in business, Lake Legal decided to outsource its IT requirements, both equipment and support services. Bradford-based IT consultancy Advancery was part of the team from the start.

After six years working with Lake Legal, and with the rise of new technologies, Advancery started to look beyond the local network hardware for solutions that would not only benefit the practice in terms of accessibility but from a cost point of view too.

Advancery recommended it was time to retire Lake Legal’s old hardware, and to move to an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) model. A demonstration proved that the Iaas solution was the right one for the business; the Lake Legal team were unable to tell the difference between the existing local hardware they had and a streamed Virtual Desktop over a 4G connection and in many cases the Virtual Desktop was faster.

Advancery provided a cost per user per month model for the entire infrastructure allowing Lake Legal to flex up and down without the costly implications of hardware software and licensing.

The migration took place while Lake Legal had a team-building day at the races and everything was up and running for them the following Monday. “The migration was pretty seamless and none disruptive,” said Alex Mordey of Advancery.


Windows Virtual Desktops


Lake Legal

What We Did

IaaS, Windows Virtual Desktops, VDI, Cloud, Azure and 365

We delivered a Cloud environment to replace on-site legacy hardware and software  

The new technologies allow fee earners to remotely work from home or on the train as if they are sat in front of their own PC provided a 5G or Wi-Fi connection is available. 

Throughout the transformation of our business over years, Advancery have advised us at pivotal stages of our IT development. The support Advancery provide is beyond comparison with any other IT support I have come across in my 25 years in practice.